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Shopping is a pleasure at Mountain Fruit, where the stuff you seek is the stuff we stock! We've got everything from soup to nuts - and our helpful staff is always ready to assist with whatever you're looking for. Our beautifully displayed shelves and wide, easy-to-shop aisles offer a feast for your senses, chock full of everything for your family to feast on.

Produce Department

What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm inside?

What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm inside? Biting into an apple and finding HALF a worm inside! That's why at Mountain Fruit, freshness is our number one priority. All our hand-picked produce gets delivered each day, so you can bite into everything from tomatoes to potatoes, plums to yams, pears to petrichke - and enjoy every dribble-down-your-chin nibble of fruits and veggies!

Meat Department

Nobody does meat like Mountain Fruit! Our beef, veal and poultry are so succulent, they're scrumptious! Our staff of butchers provides you with highest standard in quality cuts and kashrus, using fresh meat that arrives daily from the market. So don't be chicken - stakeout the Mountain Fruit meat department and beef up your meal! Whether you're baking, broiling, grinding or grilling, Mountain Fruit has the meat to meet your needs.

Bakery Aisle

Nothing perks me up like a plate of cookies…

At Mountain Fruit, we've got a whole selection of fresh muffins, danishes, cookies, cakes and donuts to go with your morning coffee. So before heading out to work or heading in to bed, be sure to turnover - I mean apple turnover - here at our supermarket Of course, we also have plenty of fresh bread, rolls and bagels every day. At Mountain Fruit, we keep you perky!

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